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    This Male Model Is So Pretty He Doesn't Even Look Real

    Lucky Blue is a lucky dude.

    OK people, we need to talk. This is 17-year-old model Lucky Blue Smith.

    And before you get smart with me β€” that's his REAL name.

    China calls him "Little Fresh Meat," according to NYMag.

    Tbh he should definitely be called the Poster Boy Of Slytherin instead.

    Lucky Blue/Little Fresh Meat/Draco's Little Brother is kind of taking the fashion world by storm.

    And it's easy to see why.

    He knows how to ~werk~ those angles.


    Can we talk about how cool he looks in every photo? Like, too cool for school and way too cool for prom.

    Lucky Blue has 1.3 million followers on his Instagram where you can see gems like this:

    Oh, and in a special twist, Lucky Blue's entire family is also gorgeous and the siblings have a band called The Atomics. Because, you know, beautiful people unite and all that.

    Keep doin' you, Lucky Blue.

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