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19 Faces That'll Make Anyone Who's Had Bad Sex With A Dick Cringe

Maybe next time.

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1. When he doesn't ask you where you want him to finish.

2. When he finishes after three seconds of penetration.

3. When he wants to do one position...and one position only.

4. When he decides to be a fucking jackhammer.

5. When he asks for oral but hasn't showered in...a while.

6. When he calls you the wrong name.

7. When you ask him to talk dirty and it actually ends up turning you OFF.

8. When he wants to get all acrobatic and you can't bend that way.

9. When he slides out and rams it back in...TO A DIFFERENT HOLE.

10. When he falls asleep before you finish.

11. When he keeps on asking you if his dick is the biggest you've ever had.

12. When you give him head but he won't reciprocate because he doesn't "do that."

13. When you have to lie and say you're close because you can't take it much longer.

14. When you fall asleep while giving a handy.

15. When he sticks it in but you're as dry as can be.

16. When you drop some hints about what you like but he's just not getting it.

17. When something gets bitten THAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BITTEN.

18. When your orgasm is the most underwhelming thing ever.

19. When he says, "We should do this again sometime."

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