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34 Women Who Show What An Athlete Really Looks Like

We run this.

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1. Do you know what an athlete is?

2. Is it the amount you can lift?

3. Or the distance you can run?

4. Is it how flexible you are?

5. Or how hard you pack a punch?

6. Maybe it's about strength.

9. What if it's about dedication?

10. And pushing yourself to the next mile.

11. Maybe it's one more jump.

12. Or stretching yourself to your limits.

13. Maybe it's about getting to the top of that mountain.

14. Or delivering when the pressure is on.

15. Is it about how much you sweat?

17. Maybe it's about sticking with it through the pain.

19. Is it about how far you can throw?

20. Or how perfect your kick is?

21. Is it about how good your form is?

22. Or refusing to back down when it gets tough?

23. Is being an athlete about finding something you love?

24. And enjoying it every step of the way?

25. Maybe it's all of those things.

26. One thing we know for sure is no two athletes look the same.

29. And nothing stops them from doing what they love.

30. There's no such thing as the perfect athlete's body.

31. Just a body that allows you to follow your passion.

32. A body that you are proud of.

34. And isn't that awesome?