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    Keegan-Michael Key And Jordan Peele Played The BFF Game And It Was Funny AF


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    Let's get the facts straight: We love Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. You love Keegan and Jordan. Everyone loves Keegan and Jordan. They're pretty much the best comedy duo around today.

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    Since they're as close as can be, it was only right that we play the BuzzFeed BFF game with them. And as you can imagine, it was freakin' hilarious.

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    First off, we had to ask Jordan what Keegan's favorite food was. He was SO CLOSE.


    Keegan: Oh close.

    Jordan: Close!

    Keegan So close. It's kind of the same thing? It's like a baby steak.

    Then it was time to see if Keegan knew what Jordan's LEAST favorite food was.


    Keegan: Oh dang it — you're allergic to nuts!

    Jordan: I'm allergic to nuts. I can't eat them. I mean they could kill me.

    Keegan: Yeah, but I've never see you put a piece of lettuce in your mouth. Not ever, not once in 12 years!

    Jordan: I mean, what's lettuce got for me?

    Let's see if Jordan knows what Keegan's ~ideal~ night would entail.


    Jordan: Glass of wine and some TV.

    Keegan: Oh my gosh, that's pretty close.

    Jordan: A book and some hot tea. What are you, a hobbit? He's unbelievable.

    Keegan: Actually I am wrong about my own thing and he's right. He should definitely get all the points.

    And Jordan's ideal night? Keegan kiiiiiiind of got it.


    Keegan: A dinner of candy with his wife + dog/son.

    It started getting sentimental in this joint when they wondered what Jordan thought about Keegan the first time they met.


    Jordan: One word: icon.

    What about the reverse? Keegan had just as nice things to say about Jordan.


    Keegan: But the best kind of psychopath. Like, you don't have to hang out with him all the time.

    Jordan: Kind of — Mozart.

    Keegan: That's the same answer! That is the same answer.

    Jordan: That is a point.

    Finally we wanted to know the funniest thing Jordan has ever said. Did they nail it? Yes!


    Keegan: This has got to be right, this has got to be right. Yesss!

    Jordan: Wordness to the turdness. All right, well done. It's in the movie.

    Keegan: It's definitely in the movie!

    Check out Keegan and Jordan in Keanu, in theaters April 29!

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