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    Tom Brady Got A Haircut And Twitter, Well, Went For It

    "Tom Brady ready for the first day of Jr. High."

    On this day, August 30, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady unveiled a new haircut. And not just any haircut — a very '90s haircut.

    It pains me to say it, but Tom Brady needs another four weeks of suspension to grow out this Zack Morris haircut.

    And because Twitter is Twitter, the world reacted with the kind of savagery one usually finds on a Real Housewives reunion.


    Barber: What are we doing Tom Brady: I got 7th grade pictures tomorrow Barber: Say no more fam


    "Screech, we've got a little secret to tell you, but you gotta promise to keep it quiet." #TomBrady


    Tom Brady got his hair cut like a 90's Power Ranger.


    Based on haircut, it appears Tom Brady will spend Sep. proving theorems as member of MIT's janitorial staff.


    Barber: "What are we doing today?" Brady: "You know Shawn Hunter, from Boy Meets..." Barber: "Say no more fam"



    Didn't know the @Patriots hired Gordon Bombay... I might have to start rooting for them #TomBrady #Hair #MightyDucks


    Tom Brady ready for the first day of Jr High


    "And then I told my barber: Give me the Megyn Kelly."


    Tom Brady's new hair cut looks like your science teacher that got divorced over the summer


    Bruh why Tom Brady's hair look like Dwight Schrute💀


    Tom Brady look like the puppet from team America world police


    Holy crap! Just realized that Tom #Brady was in "Home Improvement!" #Hair


    Are we to believe it's purely coincidence that Tom Brady keeps rocking haircuts once worn by Jonathan Taylor Thomas?


    football days, ranked: 1. first sunday of the season 2. super bowl 3. whenever tom brady unveils a new haircut

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