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    24 Times We Wanted To Raid Serena Van Der Woodsen's Closet

    It's just not fair.

    1. When she looked like THIS going to school.

    2. When she looked like an effortlessly dressed French woman.

    3. When she wore what could have been a nightmare of a dress but made it look magnificent.

    4. When she took preppy chic to a whole 'nother level.

    5. When she looked like a sexy dandelion at her mother's wedding.

    6. When she wore a dress that was kind of a like a skirt and a shirt and a belt.

    7. When she wore ALL of the clothes.

    8. When she wore a strapless dress that didn't fall down.

    9. When she thought all-white party meant Grecian goddess.

    10. AND DAT HAIR, THO.

    11. When she wore a blazer that will stay in our minds forever.

    12. When she wore that blue dress that made her look like the ocean.

    13. When she wore a sequined dress that made us want to live in the '20s.

    14. When she wore a dress that made her look like a disco queen.

    15. When she wore an outfit so put together that it should be a crime.

    16. When she looked like a sparkly warrior going into a fashion battle.

    17. When she wore a dress that was basically a wrapped present.

    18. When she looked like she stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue.

    19. When she wore the most simplest of coats and still looked fashion-forward.

    20. When she looked like a star while on vacation.

    21. When she made a simple black dress look special.

    22. And when she wore a fur stole like it was no biggie.

    23. When she wore pink with stripes with polka dots with green.

    24. And when she ~SPOILER ALERT~ looked like a statue getting married.