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    22 Times The Rock's Heart Was Bigger Than His Muscles

    I'm not crying, I'm sobbing.

    Let's get the obvious out of the way: Dwayne Johnson is very, very handsome.

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    But there are a ton of Hollywood stars who are handsome. You know what sets the Rock apart? He literally has a heart bigger than his muscles. Emotionally prepare yourself for this list, please.

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    1. He bought his mother a car and talked about how rewarding it was since she once had hers repossessed:

    2. He also bought his dad a car, who once was homeless at just 13-years-old:


    4. He reunited a veteran with her military husband:

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    5. He's the best father to his three daughters. He was so proud of Simone for becoming the Golden Globes Ambassador:

    6. And he celebrated International Women's Day with his "Queen" Jasmine:

    7. And when he shared that he and Lauren Hashian were having another daughter, it was so freakin' adorable:

    8. Who could forget when he announced the arrival of his daughter Tiana to the world with a lil' skin-to-skin contact?:

    9. Him posing with his family after getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is so precious:

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    10. And then he was so honored he couldn't help but gush about it:

    11. His friendship with Kevin Hart is genuinely moving:

    😂🖕🏾 luv you back brotha. Jokes aside, our support for each other is everything. Very rare. #Brothas #HesStillShorterThanMyCat

    12. He spoke out about his mother's suicide attempt:

    13. After he found out it was a kid's birthday, he sang happy birthday to him:

    14. He took the time to respond to a fan who was upset there weren't enough shirtless scenes in Rampage:

    Ms. Kent: Thank for enjoying my motion picture “Rampage”. I’m sorry to hear you were dismayed at the lack of visibility of my pectorals. My #1 priority is to always take care of my audience, so might I suggest imagining them.. they’re muscle-ee and meaty. And clearly cheesy.

    15. When he couldn't go to a fan's prom, he surprised her with a heartwarming message AND rented out a theatre for her and her friends to see his new movie:

    I’ll take happy 😭 tears all day. Here’s the vid from this morning of me surprising @katiekelzenberg over the school’s intercom. Her reaction when I say her name is priceless. I bought out her local theater this weekend so she & her BFF’s can watch RAMPAGE. #StillwaterHigh🤙🏾

    16. After a drunk driver hit his mother and cousin, he used the moment to remind people to make the right choice:

    17. He pulled over to say hi to some young fans after they waited THREE HOURS for him to return:

    Facebook: DwayneJohnson

    18. He revealed his character Maui from Moana was inspired by his grandfather:

    19. He saved his dogs Brutus and Hobbs from the pool:

    20. And mourned when Brutus sadly died from a poisonous mushroom:

    21. He brought Jacob O'Connor to set after Jacob saved the life of his 2-year-old brother. Jacob remembered how to do chest compressions after seeing the Rock in San Andreas:

    22. And finally, the Rock once held the door open for a man in a hospital. He later met his son and this story...please just read it in full because, wow:

    Thank you, Dwayne — we don't deserve you!



    The Rock's late dog was named Brutus. He was misnamed in an earlier version of this post.

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