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    15 Times Idris Elba Has Saved Your Life

    This is just an excuse to look at photos of Idris Elba.

    1. Looking across a desolate Atlanta, you hear the wails of zombies coming to feed upon your flesh. You don't know if you can outrun them, but he drapes you across his back like a spider monkey and runs for dear life screaming, "I will always fight for you."

    2. You're in the middle of the Serengeti with nothing but a half-empty bottle of water. A lion spots you across the plains. He makes eye contact and starts to charge. Idris jumps in front of you and strangles the lion to a peaceful slumber.

    3. You walk to the basement and see your own dead body. You look at yourself and realize you're a ghost, forever trapped in this home. Idris turns to you and says, "You're the only ghost that I love."

    4. While on assignment in the North Pole, your reindeer perishes. Your lips are chapped from the dry cold and you find yourself so frozen, so lost. He carves open the reindeer and places you inside for warmth saying, "I shall always keep you warm."

    5. You've fallen into quicksand and find yourself slowly being sucked in by the depths of Hell. You hear the demonic snorts of the Rodents of Unusual Size who are waiting. He pulls you out with a branch and whispers, "I've quickly sunk into your eyes."

    6. You're in the middle of the Pacific; the ocean's waves throw your body around the surf like a rag doll. He lies on his back and makes a raft out of his chiseled body so that you may stay afloat and says, "You will forever take my breath away."

    7. You've found your way off the trail, stuck in the pitch black forest with nothing but a rusty lighter and a can of tuna. You've given up, but he takes your hand and says, "You are my light in the darkness."

    8. You're stuck in a Boston prison, thousands of miles away from home. Everyone thinks you've murdered your beloved husband but Idris knows better. He shouts in court, "You, however, had time to hide the gun, didn't you, Chutney, after you shot your father?"

    9. You wake up in a crate in the middle of a pasture with no knowledge of how you ended up there. His face is the first one you see. He leans over and says, "I've been waiting for an angel like you."

    10. You've washed up onto a deserted island. Your boat: in pieces. You're covered in sand with only a volleyball as company. Idris puts his arms around you and brushes off the sand, never releasing eye contact.

    11. You're in the middle of an ice palace built by a billionaire psychopath who has swapped faces with a tyrannical ruler. The palace is melting, melting, melting. Idris looks at you and says, "You're melting my heart."

    12. You're at the biggest gala of the year with your boss, the biggest name in fashion. A man walks toward you, but you can't remember his name. Your boss panics; you panic. Idris steps forward with the correct name. A sigh of relief.

    13. After a fun night out downtown you realize you left your card open at the bar. Idris looks at you and runs, jumping and flipping off of buildings until he slides into the bar, pays for your tab, and retrieves your card. He doesn't even break a sweat.

    14. You've been handed back your Organic Chemistry midterm. F. How could this be? How will you go on? Idris looks you deep in the eyes and says, "Your brain is a wonderland."

    15. You're in the shower. You bend down to pick up your soap and you fall and can't get up. Idris appears and lifts you to safety.