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14 Times Amal Clooney Won At Life

George who?

1. "This ol' dress? I just threw it on in between working on all my human rights cases."

2. "I'm fluent in four languages: French, Arabic, English, and Fashion."

3. "You know, I have the same clients as every other lawyer. Prime Ministers. U.N. ambassadors. The norm."

4. "Yeah, I did my undergrad at Oxford. It was chill."

5. "I have a law degree from NYU and clerked for Sonia Sotomayor before she became a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE, like, so what?"

6. "I like what everyone else likes: Shopping, doing my hair, and advising Kofi Annan on Syria."

7. "Remember when I had to turn down an offer from the U.N. to investigate war crimes in Gaza because I was too busy? Ugh."

8. "Does this look say 'I represent WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange?'"

9. "I'm trying to decide what was more difficult: Passing the New York Bar or becoming licensed in England. Hmmm — Well, I did both."

10. "Darling, are we almost done here? I'm supposed to meet with the King of Bahrain. You know, because I represent him and all."

11. "Why yes, I did work on the Enron case."

12. "I'm sorry I can't talk right now, Greece hired me to try and get pieces of Parthenon back from the British Museum. Haven't we all been there?"

13. "Oh sorry, did I not introduce you to my husband? His name is George. He played a lawyer in a movie once."

14. "This is so cute, you guys all get in a room together to celebrate being rich and famous? I like to get in a room and debate diplomacy in the Middle East, but to each their own."