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This Is What The Cast Of "Family Guy" Looks Like

Yes, Cleveland Brown is voiced by a white guy.

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Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glenn Quagmire; voiced by Seth MacFarlane

Fun Fact: Since he created Family Guy, it makes sense that Seth voices many of the show's characters. Besides Peter, Stewie, Brian and Quagmire, Seth also provides the voices for Carter Pewterschmidt, Dr. Hartman, Ida, Jake Tucker, Jesus, Tom Tucker, Seamus, and more!

Lois Griffin, voiced by Alex Borstein

Fun Fact: You might recognize Alex from MADtv, but on Family Guy, the comedian voices Griffin matriarch Lois as well as Loretta Brown, Barbara Pewterschmidt, and Tricia Takanawa amongst others.


Chris Griffin, voiced by Seth Green

Fun Fact: On Family Guy, the actor voices middle child Chris Griffin as well as Mort Goldman's son, Neil, and Dylan Flannigan, Brian's son. Seth based Chris' voice on Buffalo Bill's from The Silence of the Lambs!


We originally referred to Mayor Adam West as "Major Adam West" because typing is hard.

Stella, voiced by Marlee Matlin

Fun Fact: In 1987, Marlee became the youngest woman to win a Best Actress Oscar (and the first deaf one). She apparently was super pissed when Family Guy would make fun of her voice. Her response? Ask them to actually use her for gags! Writers ended up writing the part of Stella for her.