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32 Versions Of The Perfect Family

Whatever family means to you.

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1. What does a "perfect family" mean to you?

4. Is it two mommies having the time of their lives?

5. Or one daddy who's hoping for one more hour to sleep?

6. Is it meeting a new sibling for the first time?

7. Or three generations coming together?

8. Does it mean gathering for a special occasion?

9. And dressing to impress?

10. Does it mean watching your sibling graduate?

11. Or just smiling with them on a sunny day?

12. Is the perfect family a mother's hug?

14. The perfect family looks different to everyone.

15. Perfection could be a father spending time with his son...

17. It could be a mama making her baby laugh.

18. Or two mamas up for the giggle.

19. Perfection could be getting away and spending time with the people you love.

20. And getting delightfully silly.

21. Every family is beautifully unique.

23. Or just plain beautiful.

24. Family means supporting each other.

25. And loving each other unconditionally.

26. Family means having each other's back...

28. The "perfect" family doesn't exist.

29. Because whether your family is made up of two, or 22, it is perfect.

30. (And sometimes, your perfect family doesn't need to contain just humans.)

31. A perfect family is built on love.

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