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This 13-Year-Old Girl Is Basically Janis Joplin Reincarnated

Don't believe me? Just watch.

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OK, I know, the world has 100 trillion different talent shows. There are so many acts out there that everything kind of gets lost in the shuffle. But I need you to stop for five minutes to watch 13-year-old Courtney Hadwin sing on America's Got Talent.

You see, when Courtney came out on stage, she was shy. Almost brutally nervous.

But when the music started...

...Courtney brought it home. JUST WATCH:

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She sang "Hard to Handle," a song originally by Otis Redding and re-recorded by the Black Crowes.

Now I have watched every single act on every single America's/ Britain's/ Norge/ Sverige /Ireland's/ A Million Other's Got Talent show in history. This is not an exaggeration, I literally spend hours watching on YouTube. So please trust my "expert" opinion when I say I have never seen an act like this.

You get singers, a lot of amazing singers, but Courtney has IT.


As Howie accurately described her:

And because of that, she got...THE GOLDEN BUZZER!!!

If you want to see more of Courtney, she was on The Voice Kids UK in 2017:

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Congrats, Courtney. Please release an album ASAP because you're my new fave.

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