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17 Funny-But-True Tweets From The #KanyeIsOverParty

Twitter hops on that quickly.

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In case you haven't heard, Kanye West had a bit of a...moment Saturday during a concert in Sacramento.

My friend's recap of tonight's Kanye West concert in Sacramento:

People were pissed.

Crowd chanting "F*** you, Kanye" after he showed up an hour & a half late, sang 3 songs, ranted, ended show.…

And on Friday night at a concert in San Jose, Kanye said he would have voted for President-elect Donald Trump and told people to stop "focusing on racism."

Kanye just said if he had voted (which he didn't) he would've voted Trump.

So what did Twitter do? That’s right, a hashtag was born declaring Kanye to be “over."

1. People were ready to roll up:



Sorry I'm late there was some traffic! #KanyeIsOverParty


damn twitter is throwing a #KanyeIsOverParty let me go ahead and slide up in the beyotchhh! *sips slow*



Arriving at #KanyeIsOverParty like

7. And of course there were Taylor Swift jokes:

Taylor Swift stans sneaking into the party trying to enjoy the festivities #KanyeIsOverParty


Still iffy about Taylor but I guess I'll party with her friends a bit #KanyeIsOverParty



#KanyeIsOverParty Does this mean Kanye will move to Nashville and start singing Country Music?


Taylor Swift on her way to the #KanyeIsOverParty like:

12. But the general consensus seems to be "Don't come for Beyoncé":

*Kanye supports Trump* Me: 😴😴😴😴 *Kanye talks about Beyoncé* Me: #KanyeIsOverParty


y'all when Kanye supports trump vs y'all when Kanye insults Beyonce #KanyeIsOverParty


Beyoncé is the only person that can end somebody without even saying anything #KanyeIsOverParty


This just in! Beyoncé, jay z, and Taylor swift will be performing at the #kanyeisoverparty 😂


How u don't believe in racism , support Trump and diss Beyoncé #KanyeisOverParty


#kanyeisoverparty At the end of the day

Oh, Kanye.

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