41 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Wedding Day

    You don't have to wear heels — and your feet will thank you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community, "What do you wish you knew before your wedding day?" Here are their sage words of wisdom.

    1. Choose bridesmaids VERY wisely.

    2. And you can totally let them pick out their own dresses!

    3. Think about a day-of coordinator.

    4. And the day of your wedding? YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING.

    5. And definitely take some of your reception food to go for post-wedding leftovers! You did pay for them, after all.

    6. Werk your inner Gisele and practice posing.

    7. Doing a "first look" can help you feel more calm.

    8. Tell your photographer what you want in advance.

    9. And don't forget photos of the guests!

    10. #SocialMedia is obviously a big deal, so figure out how to incorporate it — or not — into your wedding.

    "Discuss sharing photos on social media BEFORE the wedding, and let your friends and family know whether or not it's OK with you if they share, or if you would prefer that they don't. I had a HUGE fight with my brother because I shared photos during the reception, and he thought it was an "unwritten rule" that the bride and groom share pictures when they are ready. In this day and age, with everyone posting to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, think about it, and discuss ahead of time so there are no hard feelings after the fact." —Submitted by Rebecca Carpenter (via Facebook)

    11. And definitely try to hire a videographer. Wedding videos are the BEST.


    "Get a videographer! The day goes by so fast and you will forget the little things about the speeches and the ceremony. If it's all on video, you can watch it again anytime you want! One thing I wish I had done with our wedding." — ubmitted by Amy Stephenson (via Facebook)

    12. Unless your theme is #VEGAS, try not to have TOO much fun.

    13. But that doesn't mean you can't loosen up a tad. Just stay hydrated!

    14. If you're throwing a reception, make sure you put enough time into thinking about the music.

    15. Wedding favors are not as important as you think they are.

    "I would not have spent so much time on favors, because no one gives two shits about an artisan chocolate truffle in a hand-packed box tied with ribbon and a custom hand-cut leaf tied to it. Half of the people leave them. No one cares." —Submitted by libbyh47c3bf161

    16. You might think a facial is a great idea, but don't get one right before your wedding!

    17. Unless you're obsessed with Cake Boss, it's OK to take it easy with the desserts.

    18. A winter wedding might sound swell to you now, but think about travel restrictions.

    19. And do your research on your wedding location.

    20. DIY is not for the faint of heart, y'all.

    21. Really think about when you should have the rehearsal dinner.

    22. Don't get lazy with the first dance.

    23. You don't have to splurge on a wedding gown.

    "Instead of the flashy wedding dress, find a $300–$500 gown and buy it in white. I did this and waited for a huge sale and ended up with a $60 dress worth $400. It was still beautiful, and with some tailoring, it can look as luxurious as the thousand-dollar gowns. Remember, you’ll want more money for the beginning of your marriage and having a house/car/baby. Look for deals anywhere you can." —Submitted by munchymann

    24. But don't forget about your feet.

    25. Your wedding earrings may look good in pictures, but they could also be a pain.

    26. And corsets are going to do exactly what you think they'll do.

    27. When choosing your shapewear, keep your future bathroom breaks in mind.

    28. Don't be afraid to say "no" to friends.

    29. On the big day, make someone your point person.

    "I wish I had known that no matter how clear the details of the wedding are on the invitations and the website, EVERYONE will still try to text and call you on the wedding day asking for directions. Put a family member or your maid of honor (whoever knows your timeline forwards and backwards) in charge of your phone to keep your stress level down so that you can focus on your big day!" —Submitted by alisonm49267d843

    30. On that note, make sure everything is clearly stated on the invite to begin with.

    "I wish I would have put when to be at the hall for the reception on our invitations! I had made them myself and completely forgot. Then, the day of the wedding, after the ceremony, our pastor told everyone to be at the hall at 5 p.m. We had planned for them to be there at 4 p.m.!!! Everything had to get [switched] around and we almost didn’t have our first dance photographed. It all worked out but would have saved so much confusion and stress!" —Submitted by cassiem43d5ec80e

    31. Invite who YOU want to invite.

    32. Plus, you don't have to invite co-workers — not every wedding turns out like The Office.

    "Don't feel like you have to invite co-workers and spouses just because they know you're planning a wedding. I never saw the five of them again, and two of the husbands didn't even show up." —Submitted by Jennifer Baum (via Facebook)

    33. Roll with the punches.

    34. It's OK to be selfish. It's your day!

    35. And don't be afraid to take some time off during the week of your wedding.

    36. Carve out some time to be with your S.O. on your wedding day.

    37. Because really, today is for you and your beau.

    38. So try not to freak out about the tiniest of details. It's not what matters in the end.

    39. Keep the day in perspective. You have a whole LIFETIME left with this person.

    40. Pause. Breathe. Take it all in.

    41. And in the end, it's OK to elope, you guys.

    Happy planning, kids!

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