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We Made Drinks For Jon Taffer And He Actually Drank Them

What happens when we make the bar expert put us to a stress test?

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Well, we decided to bring Jon into our LA office to give three of our very best ~bartenders~ the ultimate STRESS TEST.

At one point, Erin even stole Kristin's cherry skewer (shady) so Kristin had to run to find another one.


And he LIKED it!

Kristin took bourbon, sweet red vermouth, bitters, and maraschino cherries to make her drink. She is adamant that you have to STIR WITH A SPOON and not shake because if you shake, then the drink gets "all watered down and gross."


Last up was Erin, who was feeling reaaaaaally confident about her drink.

Kirsten King for BuzzFeed

So much so that she finished about two minutes before everyone else and did a little trash talking to the other contestants.

Unfortunately for her, it looks like she spent too little time on that mix of hers.

Kirsten King for BuzzFeed

Well, thanks for asking, Jon! Erin used bourbon, grenadine, a little sugar, and a cherry. Erin really enjoys drinking whiskey in its "natural state" and according to her, took a "very minimalist approach, and tried to cut the whiskey with some sweetness. But mainly it was just straight booze."

So that means the winner was (drumroll please)...

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