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    19 Guys You Probably Had A Crush On In The 2000s And Still Do Today

    Years pass, celebrity crushes do not.

    1. Ashton Kutcher

    Is he punking us with how good he looks after a decade?

    2. Adam Brody

    Please, let me stay in your "pool house."

    3. Ryan Reynolds

    Back then, Ryan was a hilarious actor with the face — and body — of a Greek god. Now, Ryan is a hilarious actor with the face — and body — of a Greek god AND is married to Blake Lively.

    4. Usher

    You remind me / of a crush / that I / still fucking have.

    5. Chad Michael Murray

    I don't want to be anywhere other than where Chad is right now. That's how the song goes, right?

    6. Romeo Miller

    Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo...'cause I want you to come over tonight to Netflix and chill.

    7. Jesse McCartney

    The only thing you loved more than his beautiful face was his beautiful soul.

    8. Josh Hartnett

    [Insert Josh HOTnet joke here.]

    9. Tom Welling

    Do you like all those superhero shows on The CW? Well, you can pretty much thank Tom and Smallville for that.

    10. Wentworth Miller

    Break out of prison...and into my life.

    11. Jesse Bradford

    Looks like Jesse is quite the swimfan (sorry).

    12. Ben McKenzie

    It doesn't take a commissioner to see just how hot Ben still is.

    13. Orlando Bloom

    Eyes so dreamy you've forgiven him for Elizabethtown.

    14. Shad "Bow Wow" Moss

    Like Mike was the best movie of 2002, don't @ me.

    15. Jesse Metcalfe

    Yes, you have always been in love with Jesse Metcalfe. And yes, you once thought those shirts were attractive.

    16. Nelly

    Nelly's still making it hot in herre 15 years later.

    17. Jensen Ackles

    He's still so handsome, he must have great genes or a love for the...supernatural.

    18. Jared Padalecki

    Oh crap, I just used a supernatural joke, just give me a New York Minute to think of one worthy of Jared.

    19. Milo Ventimiglia

    I can't really think of a joke because Milo's just a perfect human being.