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    Updated on May 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 20, 2017

    Kate Middleton Wore A Dress So Pretty That Time Stopped For Me

    Princess of Style.

    Let's cut the background bullshit: We all know who Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is.

    St James's Palace / Getty IMages

    You might know her as Kate Middleton.

    And we all are very aware that she has impeccable style.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images
    Samir Hussein / Getty Images
    Indigo / Getty Images

    But here's the thing: On Tuesday, Catherine showed up to the Royal Ascot in an outfit I can only describe as STUNNING, INCREDIBLE, and LIFE-CHANGING.

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    This is not me being dramatic! This is the truth, people! LISTEN TO THE TRUTH!

    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    I'm not saying that Catherine is classier than I will ever be but I once ate a steak with my bare hands.

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images

    And my trash carcass hasn't even been in the presence of lace this beautiful before.


    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    Bravo, Kate. BRAVO.

    John Phillips / Getty Images

    Everyone should bow down. No actually, because she's a REAL royal.

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images

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