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    Kristen Bell Accidentally Took An Uber Carpool And Tweeted The Entire Saga

    What happens when you get into an uber and it's Princess Anna?

    Let me tell you a little story. Actress/singer/Disney princess Kristen Bell decided to take an Uber home. Whatever, right? NOPE.

    Kristen accidentally selected an Uber "Pool" — which meant she'd have to share her journey with other peeps. WHAT WOULD THAT EVEN BE LIKE?!

    Luckily, you don't have to imagine — Kristen decided to live tweet the whole shebang.

    Didn't know @uber had a carpool option, but my driver just pulled over and said "gotta pick someone else up". this should be fun.

    She soon realizes her first mistake: pressing "pool."

    come to think of it, i did press "pool" but i thought it was a fun summer reference. like how @google changes fonts to celebrate holidays.

    And when the car fills up, it gets a little ~weird~.

    noone is talking. this silence is the only thing more awkward than if all of us were talking. #ubercarpool

    Just in case, Kristen sends out a first alarm.

    if I'm not home in 10 minutes pls call the police and tell them i was last seen in a honda accord with 2 males mutes. #ubercarpool

    But you know what? Bon Jovi makes everything better.

    Breaking News: one of them is singing. "take my hand, well make it swear. uhhhUUHH! livin on a prayer!" #ubercarpool

    Kristen becomes a fan.

    He appears to know all the words to the verses as well. pretty impressive. #ubercarpool

    Kristen starts to look at her surroundings.

    just passed a guy in a bullet proof vest. or half a star wars costume. couldn't tell. #ubercarpool

    And has time for a quick burn.

    on repels bullets the other repels women. #ZING #ubercarpool

    Pretty sure she meant "ONE repels bullets, the other repels women" but whatever, still a good zing.

    Though she soon had a frightening thought.

    not sure where the other rider is headed but were getting close to my house. then it occurs to me "WHAT IF HES COMING OVER?" #ubercarpool


    ok he's opening the door and getting out. a little too close to this garbage can for my taste. #ubercarpool

    She made it!

    alright I'm pulling up safe and sound. thank you for the ride, emanuel. it was full of surprises. #ubercarpool

    Thank you for taking us on this rollercoaster with you, Kristen.