15 Times Tess Holliday Had No Time For Your Crap

    Oh darling, #effyourbeautystandards.

    Plus-size model Tess Holliday has been killing it in the fashion industry.

    But surprise, surprise, people have been kind of super jerks to her just because she preaches self-love and confidence.

    1. But do you think Tess cares about your opinion when she's busy rocking awesome dresses?

    2. What about when she's looking gorgeous AF in lingerie?

    3. Do you think Tess spends time freaking out about your nonsense when she's hot-tubbing in a sexy-ass bikini?

    4. Do you think Tess is crying over the mean names you call her when she's walking around with this perfect of makeup?

    5. Do you think Tess gives an ounce of crap when she's pulling off the retro look of your dreams?

    6. Do you think Tess is reading all your mean comments when she's werkin' it on the cover of People magazine?

    7. And making the cover of LA Weekly her bitch?

    8. Oh, and appearing on the Today show?

    9. Plus a little sit-down with Meredith Vieira?

    10. Do you think Tess wants to hear your mouth when she's busy being a supermodel?

    11. Do you think Tess is obsessing over your opinion when she's being interviewed for all the magazines that you read?

    12. Do you think Tess thinks about your harsh words when she's flying across the world for work?

    13. Do you think Tess has time for your shit when she's too busy getting glammed up like a superstar?

    14. Do you think Tess is bawling on her way to her agency?

    15. Do you think Tess is stressing over you or do you think she's kicking ass in the gym?

    Are you getting the point now? Do you understand?

    Tess Holliday is a badass. A gorgeous, talented badass. And the fact that she has the confidence to wake up and feel gorgeous in her own skin isn't a bad thing.

    She's teaching people that you can love yourself no matter what size you're at. That you shouldn't be ashamed to feel beautiful. That you never need to apologize for your body.

    So you can stop with all the shaming, Tess 👏 Muthafuckin' 👏 Holliday is doing just fine.