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17 Bulldogs Who Are So Happy They Can't Even

Tone it down a notch, y'all.

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1. This fella, who definitely is up for some beach volleyball. But like, later.

2. This chica who is so excited about her car ride that she can't even.

3. This pup who cannot get enough of your story about when someone thought you looked like Emma Stone. Tell him more!

4. This bully, who LOVES it when you wake him up to tell him about that weird dream you had.

5. This gorgeous gal who never gets sick of people asking her which Instagram filter they should use.

6. This guy, who loves nothing more than being asked to babysit on a Friday night.

7. This pile of mush who is having the time of his life at your rockin' pool party.

8. This chunky monkey who really, really wants to go to spin class with you at 6 a.m.

9. This crazy fan who is so passionate about his team that he threatens refs.

10. This lady who is totally fine with you interrupting her tan. It's not like she had this on her iCal or anything.

11. This handsome man who cannot get enough of your constant picture taking. Take more!

12. This cuddly bear who wants to know more about your trip to Whole Foods. There was no kale, OMG!

13. This damp mushball who is all about bath day — it's like her favorite day of the month and really appreciates the photos.

14. This squishy face who obviously wants nothing more than to share her ball with you.

15. This dude who loves stepping out in all the new ice you got him for his birthday even though he asked for a Wii.

16. This bully who was like, "Sure I'll move over!" super enthusiastically.

17. And this babe who did not need that blanket at all, so thanks for hogging it in the middle of the night.