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23 Times Zendaya Slayed The Red Carpet

Shut. It. Down.

1. When she a turned a turtleneck into evening wear.

2. When she decided that a baseball cap is the perfect accessory to an already bomb outfit.

3. When she looked like a vision in white.

4. When she made hot pink look high fashion.

5. When she knew she could pull off a mini-dress and thigh-high boots.

6. When she out-Rihanna'd Rihanna.*

7. When she knew a T-shirt could be just as chic as a dress.

8. When frankly everything about this made you drop to your knees.

9. When she decided to edge up a ladylike outfit with a fierce AF hairdo.

10. When she threw a leather jacket over a glamorous top and skirt combo and said, "Whatevs."

11. When she brought us all back to Studio 54 in style.

12. When she looked absolutely angelic in this flowy white dress.

13. When she proved long hair isn't the only way to be beautiful.

14. When she worked a sheer jumpsuit like a pro.

15. When she looked like a disco queen, gracing us with her presence.

16. When she rolled up to the Grammys in a fashion risk that paid off BIG TIME.

17. When her face said, "Yes, I know how to pull together an outfit of infinite perfection."

18. When she looked like a style icon of the future in a crop top and matching skirt.

19. When she thought, "Hell yeah I can pull off stripes."

20. When she mastered classy and fierce at the same time.

21. When she looked like she stepped right off the runway.

22. When she showed up to the Radio Disney Music Awards looking 100 times better than any other Disney starlet in history.

23. And of course, when she showed up to the Oscars like the goddess she is.