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Nicky Hilton Just Got Married And Wore The Most Incredible Dress

Consider my jaw dropped.

So you know Nicky Hilton, right? Well, now she's a married woman!

Everyone's favorite Hilton (sorry, Paris) got married to banking heir James Rothschild on Friday at Kensington Palace.

Nicky wore a dress by Valentino and lemme tell you: It is heart-beating-out-of-your-chest AMAY-ZING.

Well, in the words of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, "Don't believe me? Just watch."

Like, how stunning is this dress?

Is this real life?

Or is this a freakin' fantasy?

Pretty sure Hilary Duff had this dress in mind when she sang, "This is what dreams are made of."

Look at that smize. She knows she's slaying the game.

TL;DR This dress be bangin'.

Congrats, you two!!!