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Rihanna Slams New Indiana Law In The Most Badass Way Possible

Warning: Lots of cursing ahead.

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Like, she knows how to go hard AF against the establishment.

Dear Rihanna, you've gone a little too far with this 'outfit' May be time to class it up and put some clothes on?

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So when RiRi performed in Indianapolis, you could guess that she wasn't about to remain silent on Indiana's new Religious Freedom law.

Larry Busacca / Via Getty Images

For those who don't know, the law has been at the center of controversy over claims that it could lead to the discrimination of LGBT people.


Rihanna wasn't exactly subtle with her words...

She shouted into the crowd:

"Who's feeling these new bullshit laws they're trying to pass over here? I said, 'Fuck that shit.' I wanna hear you say, 'Fuck that shit.' 'Cause we're just living our motherfucking lives. Indiana!"

OK, Rihanna, that's pretty badass.

Thank you Indiana!!!! I would never forget how much fun I had with you tonight!! You blew me away!!! Thank you man!! One love always