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    19 Reasons Why Dating In Middle School Was So Much Better

    When "IM me tonight" was your best move.

    1. You never needed a dating app — you had plenty of resources at your disposal.

    2. Developing really strong feelings — perhaps too strong — was completely normal.

    3. You could discover someone's undying love in the smallest of gestures.

    4. You could walk in one day and have a bunch of admirers.

    5. Dating was so much easier when friends did all the hard work for you.

    6. All you had to do was wait until you got a text on one of these:

    7. Or these:

    8. Dating rules were made perfectly clear.

    9. And showing your true colors was never easier.

    10. You could actually speak on the PHONE. With VOICES.

    11. And at the end of the conversation, they'd ask if you want to be official.

    12. Everyone knew how awkward human interaction was, so you just ... avoided it.

    13. No one ever had to pay for or plan dates.

    14. Plus, transportation was free.

    15. All you had to do was grind with someone to cement your undying love.

    16. And even if you couldn't find anyone at school, you could always make someone up and no one would know.

    17. Or you could just meet a soulmate in one of these.

    18. And even though you were sad after you guys broke up...

    19. ... you got over it because it took you about five seconds to fall in love with someone else.