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    16 Reasons Why Chiara Ferragni Should Be Your Style Icon In 2015

    Ciao bella.

    This is Chiara Ferragni.

    Oh, you don't know her? Well you should because she's kind of a style ICON.

    If you don't agree, talk to one of her 3.1 MILLION Instagram followers.

    It's obvious. Chiara is the fashion goddess we need for 2015. Here's why.

    1. When she travels, she looks AMAZING.

    Like, is this a Louis Vuitton ad or her trying to catch a flight?

    2. She wore this dress, which kind of made you believe in miracles.

    3. She is the queen of crop tops.

    This outfit shouldn't work. But she NAILS it.

    4. She freaking ROCKS the most intricate bathing suits.

    5. Her bags are literally the greatest things ever.

    Oh, and her purses have purses.

    6. She can also do High Street/Low Street style like no other.

    7. She has a habit of wearing ridiculous things and somehow pulling it off.

    8. She can wear overalls with the same amount of confidence as she wears a designer dress.

    9. She knows how to motherfucking WERK a camera.

    Really? You're gonna slay me like that, Chiara?

    10. Her hat game is a gift from the heavens.

    11. If layering was an Olympic sport, she would have all the medals.

    12. And I don't even know what the fuck this is but it's EVERYTHING.

    13. Just look at her ability to casually walk while a crowd tries to photograph her sartorial perfection.

    "Oh, me?"

    14. Her t-shirt game is ON POINT.

    Ugh vintage Hérmes Kelly bag with a t-shirt, DEAD.

    15. She knows how to do the whole sexy thing too.

    Yo girl, it's just not fair.


    So thank you, Chiara. Your impeccable taste will inspire us through 2015.