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    26 Reasons USC Will Make You Want To Stay In College Forever

    Fight on.

    1. Because this is what a football game is supposed to look like.

    2. And even when it's an away game we show our pride.

    3. And nothing makes us happier than seeing this.

    4. Because our marching band is better than your marching band.

    But actually.

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    5. Because we have more international students here than any other school in the U.S.

    6. Because our campus is so beautiful that everything in Hollywood shoots here.

    7. Because our tailgating is way more fun than your tailgating.

    8. Because our alumni have the habit of turning into legends.

    9. And a tweet like this is normal.

    Yesterday, Steven Spielberg & the @USCShoahFdn presented President @BarackObama w the Ambassador for Humanity Award

    10. Because this is what our sororities look like.

    11. Because we find fun ways to let off steam.

    12. Because everyone knows that nothing tastes as good as carne asada nachos from Chano's at 1:30 a.m.

    13. And there's no better place for wine and dinner than Bacaro.

    14. Because our acapella groups are better than your acapella groups.

    15. Because our film school is THAT good.

    Steven Spielberg was rejected by USC film school... twice!

    16. And your average academic topics don't interest us.

    A student talks about his experience attending Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s academy at @USC

    17. Because pranks are a part of our DNA.

    18. Because we're an oasis a stone's throw away from Downtown L.A.

    19. And the VKC globe is our North Star.

    20. Because the 9-0 is the only bar that matters.

    21. And there's no place like TroGro.

    22. Because "Arrogant Nation" is a badge of honor.

    23. Because this is what our library looks like.

    24. And nothing will give you goosebumps quite like this.

    25. Or this.

    26. And especially this.