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Martha Stewart Was Asked About All Those Lifestyle Brands That Keep Popping Up

The Queen of Lifestyles judges the princesses trying to take her throne.

Sure, Martha Stewart is a multimillionaire lifestyle guru.

Bennett Raglin / Via Getty Images

But she's also the Duchess of Badass, Countess de Shady AF, Baroness du Sippin' Da Tea.

Donald Bowers / Via Getty Images

Just see her set during the Justin Bieber roast. EPIC.

With all these ~celebs~ deciding to start their own lifestyle brands, US decided to ask Martha exactly what she thought about each one. AND THE SHADE IS REAL.

Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

First up: Blake Lively and her site, Preserve

Andrew Toth / Via Getty Images

Martha says: "I think Blake has done a good job with her site. It's an interesting site — kind of an interesting product on it."

Breakdown: Count the number of times Martha said "interesting" — TWO. Everyone knows "interesting" is code word for "Um, no." She's acknowledging Blake's presence without feeling the slightest bit threatened by it. Shade it up, Martha.

Next up: Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty Images

Martha says: "Gwyneth is developing her site. I looked at some of her product the other day, I thought it was interesting."

Breakdown: Martha only calls GOOP interesting once, but throws in a punch by saying "developing her site." Gwyneth is one of the OG actresses turned lifestyle experts, so this is the dig of all digs. It's like saying McDonald's is still developing their chicken nugget recipe. We know that shit hasn't changed in decades.

We can't forget Jessica Alba and The Honest Company

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty Images

Martha says: "Jessica Alba has done a very good job. She's done a good job, and I think she means very well especially in terms of children's products."

Breakdown: Jessica has done such a good job that Martha says it twice — once to make you believe it and once to take it away. Also, "means very well" is the perfect compliment when you don't want to admit that the execution wasn't as good as the attempt. Touché, Martha.

And finally: Reese Witherspoon and Draper James

Christopher Polk / Via Getty Images

Martha says: "Oh, she did? I didn't see that! How great! What is she doing? I don't know Reese, I've never met her, but I'm sure she'll do a good job."

Breakdown: Martha has been so busy she hasn't even heard of Reese's little project yet. Adorable. Well, at least she seems excited? Just kidding, this is Martha at her best — completely not caring.

  1. So who got the most shade from Mama Martha?

    Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images
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So who got the most shade from Mama Martha?
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