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    Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    18 Questions You Should Never Ask Someone Getting Married

    Don't you do it.

    1. Do I have a plus-one?

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    Do me a favor: Grab that invite we sent out, look at the envelope, and see who it's addressed to. Problem solved!

    2. The invite says it's an adults-only wedding, but can I bring my kids?

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    You just answered your own question.

    3. Can you change the date or the time?

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    Yeah, sorry that you can't make it

    4. Can you make sure ____ isn't invited?

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    No, but if everyone can try and act civil for a few hours, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    5. I know you said you didn't want to invite _____, but can you just invite ______?

    New Line Cinema

    No x2.

    6. Can you make sure I don't sit at ______'s table?

    The Weinstein Company

    See above.

    7. Do I have to actually RSVP or can I just text you?

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    Please — for our sanity — just follow the instructions on the invite and don't make us track you down two weeks after the RSVP date.

    8. How much are you spending on the wedding?

    Comedy Central


    9. Are you paying for our hotel rooms?


    Look, I too wish I was Beyoncé and could afford renting out a hotel for 150 of my closest friends and family. Alas, I am not.

    10. Well, could I just stay with you then?

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    Unfortunately I'll be busy, you know, getting married.

    11. Why do you have so many bridesmaids/groomsmen?

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    Because I can? And I want to? And it's my wedding?

    12. I know the invite says formal attire, but can I wear a really nice pair of jeans?

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    If "jeans" means "tuxedo," then you're good to go!

    13. Do you mind if I wear off-white? Light beige? Silver that actually looks more like white?

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    This is not Kim Kardashian's wedding dress code, y'all.

    14. Will you have paleo options? Oh, I didn't tell you, I'm paleo now!

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    We can't accommodate EVERYTHING.

    15. Could I make a toast?

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    No, thank you, Aunt Mae.

    16. Are you going on a diet for the big day?

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    Maybe I am, maybe I'm not — either way I'll look 🔥.

    17. When are you going to have babies?

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    One step at a time, people.

    18. Haha are you sure this person is THE ONE?

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    It sounds like you have some kind of evil plan.