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31 Photos That Prove Emma Stone Is The Most Stylish Person On Earth


1. Let's start off with a bang: DAMN THIS OUTFIT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

Andreas Rentz / Via Getty

And the perfect hair only makes it more perfect.

2. And how about this lace concoction?

Valerie Macon / Via Getty


3. Or this black dress out of a flapper's wet dream?

Martin Bureau / Via Getty

Slay, girl.

4. But wait... Is this a sleeveless cut-out dress with a Peter Pan collar?

Theo Wargo / Via Getty

I can't.

5. Peplum done right. So so right.

Joe Klamar / Via Getty

And the matching shoes. THE MATCHING SHOES GODDAMMIT.

6. And here she is, making color-blocking her bitch.

Stephen Lovekin / Via Getty

Who said red and pink don't go together? WHO?!

7. Wait, how does she look elegant and comfortable at the same time? HOW?!

Larry Busacca / Via Getty

Again with the color-blocking, again with the perfection.

8. Oh, and an adorable little shift dress?

Johannes Eisele / Via Getty

Don't mind if I do.

9. Have you ever thought: Man, that dress could never work on me?

Gallup / Via Getty

Well, Emma has not.

10. That whole ethereal peasant girl look?

Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty

Yeah, she nailed it.

11. And do you think conservative dresses are boring?

Christopher Polk / Via Getty

Yikes, Emma proves you wrong once again.

12. But all-over flowers, a definite no, correct?

Larry Busacca / Via Getty


13. "Pale girls shouldn't wear light colors."

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Via Getty

Said no one ever.

14. Wow, that's a lot of dresses. How about some epic pants?

Gabriel Bouys / Via Getty

Chic city, bitch.

15. Or this jaw-dropping jumpsuit?

Ben Pruchnie / Via Getty

Oh, sexy CAN'T be classy, huh?

16. And this incredible suit.

Gareth Cattermole / Via Getty

London Eye, what?

17. OK, back to dresses. Like this badass black dress that makes her look like the dominatrix-next-door.

Patrick Kovarik / Via Getty


18. Or this fucking unbelievable burgundy-maroon piece of magic that is sending me to the ER.

Frazer Harrison / Via Getty

No words.

19. And can we talk about this second-skin gown that is simple but mesmerizing?

Robyn Beck / Via Getty

There's no such thing as boring.

20. What about this incredible red gown that makes her look like the best present ever?

Joe Klamar / Via Getty

All I want for Chrismahanukwanzadan is Emma's stylist.

21. Do you like her in red? Good, there's more.

Frederic J. Brown / Via Getty

Head-to-toe red and flawless.

22. So, so much more.

Larry Busacca / Via Getty

This dress is so fucking cute I want to punch someone in the face.

23. OK, what about stripes?

Caroline McCredie / Via Getty

She does that too.

24. And she does separates extraordinarily well.

Jung Yeon-Je / Via Getty

So comfy. So chic. So sophisticated. So amazing.

25. How do you feel about white? Because Emma likes white too.

Getty Images Jamie McCarthy

*deep fucking breaths*

26. And she looks fucking fantastic in it.

Frederick M. Brown / Via Getty

Teach me your ways.

27. Aaaaaaand she kills it again.

AFP / Via Getty

Just. Just. Just. Can't.

28. Grandma chic? She made the impossible possible.

Tiziana Fabi / Via Getty

It shouldn't work. But it does. Oh, it does.

29. Emma, girl. You WERK that dress over a t-shirt.

Getty Images Neilson Barnard

Like wut?

30. Please, never change.*

Ben Stansall / Via Getty

*your stylist. We actually need you to change clothes so that we can have more to lust over.

31. Done.

Gabriel Bouys / Via Getty

Do we cry now?

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