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31 Photos That Prove Emma Stone Is The Most Stylish Person On Earth


1. Let's start off with a bang: DAMN THIS OUTFIT IS INCREDIBLE!!!

2. And how about this lace concoction?

3. Or this black dress out of a flapper's wet dream?

4. But wait... Is this a sleeveless cut-out dress with a Peter Pan collar?

5. Peplum done right. So so right.

6. And here she is, making color-blocking her bitch.

7. Wait, how does she look elegant and comfortable at the same time? HOW?!

8. Oh, and an adorable little shift dress?

9. Have you ever thought: Man, that dress could never work on me?

10. That whole ethereal peasant girl look?

11. And do you think conservative dresses are boring?

12. But all-over flowers, a definite no, correct?

13. "Pale girls shouldn't wear light colors."

14. Wow, that's a lot of dresses. How about some epic pants?

15. Or this jaw-dropping jumpsuit?

16. And this incredible suit.

17. OK, back to dresses. Like this badass black dress that makes her look like the dominatrix-next-door.

18. Or this fucking unbelievable burgundy-maroon piece of magic that is sending me to the ER.

19. And can we talk about this second-skin gown that is simple but mesmerizing?

20. What about this incredible red gown that makes her look like the best present ever?

21. Do you like her in red? Good, there's more.

22. So, so much more.

23. OK, what about stripes?

24. And she does separates extraordinarily well.

25. How do you feel about white? Because Emma likes white too.

26. And she looks fucking fantastic in it.

27. Aaaaaaand she kills it again.

28. Grandma chic? She made the impossible possible.

29. Emma, girl. You WERK that dress over a t-shirt.

30. Please, never change.*

31. Done.