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27 Reasons Why Paris Is The Capital Of The World

The City of Lights is always there to inspire — even in the darkest of times.

1. Because the Seine is the kind of river that stops you in your tracks and forces you to sit for a second.

2. Because you haven't really done lunch right unless you've been to a Parisian brasserie.

3. And Parisian crepes > all other crepes.

4. Because there's nothing quite like eating a flaky croissant at a Parisian café.

5. (Paris has actually kind of dominated the entire bread game.)

6. Because this is what a perfect afternoon is all about.

7. Because Notre Dame is just as magical as you imagine in your dreams.

8. And just looking at the Sacré-Cœur could render you speechless.

9. Because this is the city that brought you the Moulin Rouge.

10. Because French wine might be the greatest you've ever tasted. (And honestly, this is how all marathons should be run.)

11. Because the world's most beautiful and iconic pieces of art are housed in a masterpiece itself.

12. Because Truffaut films pretty much set the bar for all of cinema.

13. Because Paris is pretty much responsible for making fashion a thing.

14. Because a day at the Jardin du Luxembourg is never a day wasted.

15. Because the most touristy street in Paris is also one of the most stunning...

16. ...And the Arc de Triomphe is waiting for you at the end of it.

17. Because this is the city that brought you Serge Gainsbourg.

18. And Edith Piaf.

19. And because icons from around the world like Josephine Baker, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemingway made Paris their second home.

20. Because no matter what, one glimpse at the Eiffel Tower can make you believe in love.

21. Because Paris means spending a lovely evening with your friends and family.

22. And stopping for a second to listen to the music.

23. Because in Paris, you kiss whenever you get the chance.

24. Because Paris stands united in the face of tragedy.

25. And because Paris isn't about hate.

26. Or sorrow.

27. Paris is about life.