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Kylie Jenner Decided To Go To A Random High School Prom


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Ah, prom. Do you remember yours? There was probably a lot of awkward dancing, satin dresses, and clandestine sips from flasks throughout the night.

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But that was then. It's 2017, people, and now Kylie Jenner might show up to your prom.

Kylie Jenner really just came to rio prom.

That's right, on Saturday night Kylie Jenner crashed the Rio Americano prom in Sacramento as Albert Ochoa's date.

According to the Daily Mail, cameras came along for the adventure, which means we'll probably see this on a future episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Reportedly, Albert had asked a girl as his date but she turned him down. And somehow Kylie stepped in.

The students understandably lost their shit.

Kylie brought along her BFF Jordyn Woods.

As seen on Snapchat, Jordyn and Kylie both wore gorgeous dresses. And we're pretty sure they're the only ones who arrived at prom in a private jet.


Ah, high school.

When Kylie Jenner shows up to your prom...

BuzzFeed has reached out for comment.

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