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    Posted on Sep 26, 2015

    Watch This Couple Experience Norway’s Insane Beauty


    Fact: Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    Still need some convincing? Finnish-Norwegian couple Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale are here you to show you just how breathtaking of a country it is. Just check out this jaw-dropping video of their epic road trip around West Norway:

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    Samuel told BuzzFeed that the couple moved back to Hildegunn's hometown earlier this summer and wanted to show the country to friends who were visiting from Canada.

    They enlisted the help of their good friend Matti Haapoja, who happens to be a videographer and shot their wedding video.

    (Full disclosure: Matti is also my wedding videographer).

    Married for one year, the frequently on-the-move couple love to travel together.

    "The best part with traveling together is definitely the fact that we are able to experience everything together and create fun memories that we can look back at," Samuel said.

    "We enjoy the same things, being spontaneous, exploring new places, seizing the day and making the most out of it."

    If they had to choose one, Samuel and Hildegunn's favorite part of the trip was kayaking in Eresfjord.

    "There’s something very unique and beautiful when a huge fjord is completely still and glassy and you are able to enjoy the surrounding mountains and it’s reflection from your kayak in the middle of it all, with your best friend by your side."

    And what about those heart-pounding edge-of-cliff shots? Samuel said, "We’re both lucky to not be afraid of heights!"

    For those who want to travel, Samuel wants to remind you patiences and openmindeness is key. "Be willing to get lost and be spontaneous — don't plan everything in advance!"

    You can follow Samuel and Hildegunn at @eljackson and @hilvees, respectively!

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