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18 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Comes Into Town

Reunited and it feels so good.

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2. And you obvi have to post a #Reunited pic.

4. You introduce them to everyone as your best friend who's visiting from out of town.

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"This is my best friend Lucy, she's visiting from out of town."

"Remember that best friend from out of town that I talk about? This is her!"

"Hello, I'll take a No. 5 with cheese and my best friend who's visiting from out of town will have the same, thanks."

7. When you two are getting ready to go out it takes hours since every song on your pregame playlist reminds you of something.


11. But when your BFF does the same with another friend, you're like, "WTF?"

Oh look, I'm here too, don't forget about me.


13. When they meet your new S.O. they have to play it cool.

Your BFF's like: "Oh, hello, I'm not here often but I will still cut you."