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Here's A Test To See If You Can Resist Noah Centineo's Charm

I couldn't!!!

Are you up for a lil' test? Scroll through this post for prime Noah Centineo content. If you can make it to the end without screaming, then I have some questions for you, most importantly: HOW?

1. Let's start off nice and easy with this photo of Noah simply smiling:

2. And what about this photo of him making a weird fish-kissy-face:

3. Are you keeping it cool after seeing him look oh-so-tired but oh-so-handsome?

5. MOVING ON. Here's a black-and-white photo of Noah laughing with his hand over his mouth and doing that nose crinkle thing:

6. Here we have a repeat of his infamous smile. Did it get you?

7. In case you were wondering, this man has hobbies. What's this photo of him playing the guitar doing for ya?

9. Let's step this up a notch. Are you looking at this photo wondering if it's a screenshot from your dreams?

10. Hmmmm, what about this one?

11. Are you prepared for a sultry-look-off-to-the-side shot?

13. How about one last round? Do you like this photo of Noah laughing with Lana Condor?

14. Do you like puppies? Well, here's Noah PLAYING with puppies while talking about how he got that scar on his face:

15. Here's Noah as Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I've Loved:

16. OK ONE FINAL ONE. Here's a GIF. You're welcome: