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17 People Who Have No Idea What The Hell They're Talking About

Dunkin' Donuts > Starbucks.

1. No.

2. That is incorrect.

3. Well this theory is wrong.

4. Not crazy, just right.

5. Dunkin' also has better coffee.

6. Your taste buds are lying to you.

7. Just no.

8. Stop it.

9. Because it is.

10. But I must.

11. You gotta fight for what you believe in.

12. Starbucks has better coffee than Dunkin'... Okay, buddy.

13. I, too, take this debate very seriously, sir.

14. But at least I do know how to taste things.

15. *gets out, drives to nearest Dunkin', drinks coffee greatness*

16. The fact that it doesn't taste like Dunkin' is what upsets me.

17. Bye.