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Miles Teller's Friends Are Defending Him On Twitter

After that whole Esquire situation.

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Well, the backlash was swift and brutal:

Wow...Miles Teller sounds like a real douche in this interview. http://t.co/gHU2sS8Let

There is no way Miles Teller is real. He was obviously grown in a frat boy lab to be ULTIMATE DOUCHE-BRO https://t.co/NXKqsQ9geE

Yesterday I tweeted about being charmed by Miles Teller in a live interview, today I think he's an ass. Where's this ride headed tomorrow??

So Miles decided to speak out against Esquire:

@esquire couldn't be more wrong. I don't think there's anything cool or entertaining about being a dick or an asshole. Very misrepresenting

Kate Mara called Miles "crazy talented":

My movie husband @Miles_Teller is crazy talented and a truly fantastic person. @esquire

Jamie Bell said he's a "great guy":

@Miles_Teller is a great actor & a great guy. @esquire

And Michael B. Jordan managed to give himself a compliment:

.@Miles_Teller is my boy and I'm a great judge of character @esquire

TV personality Josh Horowitz also had love for Miles:

I know @Miles_Teller. Sometimes he says insane things that I love to give him crap for.He's also a good guy & a great actor. Ignore the hate

  1. Tell us: Do you agree with "Esquire" or Miles?

    "Esquire" — that interview was cray.
    Miles — you know nothing, "Esquire"!

Miles Teller's Friends Are Defending Him On Twitter

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Tell us: Do you agree with "Esquire" or Miles?
    vote votes
    "Esquire" — that interview was cray.
    vote votes
    Miles — you know nothing, "Esquire"!

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