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    Meghan Markle Is The Princess Of Coats And Lemme Prove It To Ya

    Bow down.

    We are now one month away from the most important day of my life: The wedding of HRH Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales and Rachel Meghan Markle.

    And in the past few months, Meghan has become the only style icon I will ever need, mostly because her coat collection is PERFECTION.

    1. Exhibit A:

    2. Exhibit B:

    3. Exhibit C:

    4. Exhibit D:

    5. Exhibit E:

    6. Exhibit F:

    7. Exhibit G:

    8. Exhibit H:

    9. Exhibit I:

    10. Exhibit J:

    11. Exhibit K:

    12. Exhibit L:

    13. And finally, Exhibit M:

    Long live Meghan and her coats!!!