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17 Frustrating Things Everyone Seems To Think About The Kardashians

Blah, blah, Kartrashians blah blah... WE GET IT.

1. "The Kardashians are only famous because Kim made a sex tape."

2. "They don't even do anything for a living!"

3. "Seriously, what do they even do?!"

4. "They're such bad role models."

5. "They only date black men."

6. "Kim is someone's MOTHER and gets NAKED."

7. "None of them can stay married."

8. "Should we be applauding this kind of behavior?"

9. "Kendall isn't even a real model."

10. "Kendall and Kylie wouldn't even be famous if it weren't for their older sisters."

11. "How does Kris Jenner sleep at night?"

12. "The KarTRASHians, amirite?"

13. "They all wear too much makeup."

14. "They're addicted to social media."

15. "I just hate them so much."

16. "They're literally everything that's wrong with the world right now."

17. And finally: "How much did the Kardashians pay you to write this?"