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Leslie Jones Has Returned To Twitter 'Cause She Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

Welcome back, Leslie!

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Leslie Jones has made a return to Twitter after being the victim of a cyberattack on her website last month.

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Hackers reportedly uploaded her driver's license and passport to her website, along with nude photos.

But on Labor Day weekend, Leslie started tweeting again to assure everyone that she was doing fine.

It started with her revealing her ~love~ for Golden Girls.

Same, Leslie, same.

Like, she's really feeling Golden Girls rn.

Omg Sophia just said "sluts heal quicker" damn...out the mouth of babes


I was Dorothy. I thought her name was balance but that the other one.

And she's really digging that show Vice Principals!

Watching a show called Vice Principals! Really funny!!

But most importantly, Leslie is doing A-OK.

Thanks to my fans and friends! I'm soooooo ok really. And I will always be funny been through a lot in my life and I ALWAYS GET BACK UP!

And her birthday's in a few days so GET EXCITED!!!

So let's make my birthday week THE BOMB!! Cause I'm about to act a fool YALL!! CHEAH! #LJBDAY