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    Updated on Jul 19, 2018. Posted on May 22, 2018

    Lady Kitty Spencer Is Prince Harry And Prince William's Cousin And A Freakin' Model

    This family!!!

    So on Monday, I saw this photo of Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp. He's 24, super hot, and the future Earl Spencer.

    Max Mumby / Getty Images

    His aunt is the late Princess Diana.

    He's so cute that I wrote a post about it. Normal Monday in my book. But then something happened: The commenters spoke and they want to hear about one of his sisters, Lady Kitty Spencer.

    This is her! She's really pretty!

    AFP Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    And lucky for us, the 27 year old has a public Instagram where she posts selfies so beautiful that I kind of just sit there in awe.

    Here are a couple of quick facts about Kitty:

    1. Through her father Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, Kitty is a first cousin of Prince William and Harry.

    Mike Marsland, WPA Pool / Getty Images

    2. Her mother is former model Victoria Aitken (née Lockwood).

    Tim Graham / Getty Images, Max Mumby / Getty Images

    3. Though Kitty is the oldest of her father's children, since she is a woman, her younger brother Louis will inherit the Earldom.

    4. She grew up mostly in Cape Town, South Africa.

    5. And finally, Kitty is a model! She's actually one of the current faces of Dolce & Gabbana.

    (And has walked in a couple of their fashion shows!)

    Jacopo Raule / Getty Images

    ~the more you know~


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