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People Don't Like The Fact That Kylie Jenner Wore A Shirt That Says "Eat Me Out"

Seventeen-year-olds, amirite?

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This is Kylie Jenner. She's the daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner. Her sisters' names all start with a "K" too!

Plenty of people have opinions about Kylie, especially her lips and sense of style.

Well, now the 17-year-old has gotten a bit of heat for a bunch of Snapchat videos in which she wears a shirt that says "Eat Me Out" while dancing to the song "Rich $ex" by Future.

(There were a lot of videos.)

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users have started to voice their thoughts, and most of them think it was an inappropriate fashion choice:

When Kylie Jenner's shirt in her snap story says "eat me out." YOURE YOUNGER THAN ME WTF KRIS WOULD NOT BE PROUD

Kylie Jenner was wearing a shirt that said "eat me out" if I walked out the house wearing that my mom would drag me back in & kill me 😂


kylie jenner posting pics of herself in a shirt that says "eat me out".....what is wrong with kids these days

Kylie jenner is a wearing a shirt in her snapchat that says "eat me out" NO KYLIE YOUR JUST A LITTLE GIRL

Looking at Kylie Jenner's snap chat and she had on a mesh shirt with the in-n-out logo but it says eat-me-out. Child. You are 17. Chill.

Kylie Jenner wearing a t-shirt on snapchat that says "Eat Me Out" - Money clearly can't buy you class 😂🙈

Kylie Jenner had a shirt that said "Eat Me Out" in her Snapchat story last 17, my parents would be like wtf take that off 😕

But Kylie also has those who support her:

Instead of In N Out her shirt says Eat Me Out hahah I'm dead I love Kylie Jenner

And then there are the people who just don't care:

Why is everyone is freaking out about @KylieJenner wearing a "Eat Me Out" shirt on snapchat? Their are teen moms, teens doing drugs etc...

  1. Do you think that Kylie's too young for that shirt?

    Definitely, she's still 17.
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Do you think that Kylie's too young for that shirt?
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    Definitely, she's still 17.
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