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27 Times Kate Middleton Was A Totally Normal Chick In 2014

Duchesses — they're just like us!

1. "How long have you been driving for Lyft?"

2. "What filter did you use? Can we change it to Valencia? It's my favorite."

3. "Oh, you want ANOTHER playdate, Pam?"

4. "Let's hope I get this gardening done in time for the cookout."

5. "Excuse me but is this fluff ball hypoallergenic? I didn't take my Benadryl today."

6. "How am I going to get all these presents wrapped before the holidays?"

7. "Excuuuuuuuuuuse me?"

8. "The invite said black-tie but I was worried I'd be overdressed so I did half and half."

9. "Wills just LOVES the X-Factor. Don't tell him I told you."

10. "Wind, come on. I JUST got my hair done."

11. "This is such a good day. Last St. Patty's Day I was already blacked out by this time."

12. "Am I pulling off this hat? Maybe I should have listened to Pippa."

13. "I just have to know — did you and Taylor ever date?"

14. "No weird cravings yet, just pickles covered in chocolate."

15. "I have dinner with his grandma tonight, wish me luck."

16. "So glad I decided not to wear waterproof mascara today."

17. "Babe, do we really have to go? I hate these reunion things."

18. "Smile through the cold, Kate. This coat is worth the frostbite."

19. "Good dog. No jumping."

20. "Traveling with babies is so stressful."

21. "I knew I shouldn't have joined this rec league."

22. "Another day, another little league game."

23. "Do you wanna steer this yacht? Then stop being a backseat driver."

24. "Who made these chairs? My ass is killing me."

25. "Be cool, Kate. You've seen hot basketball players before."

26. "LeBron, you're on my fantasy team, you better not mess it up this year."

27. "Beyoncé touched me. Never washing this hand again."