24 Khloe Kardashian Reactions To Get You Through Life

    Khloe to the rescue.

    1. When the waiter asks if you want a side of fruit instead of fries.

    2. When you find out McDonald's is still serving breakfast.

    3. When you have to attend your younger sister's wedding single.

    4. When your best friend says she's too tired to go out.

    5. When a restaurant says they don't validate parking.

    6. When your friends ask if you want to go to Coachella next year.

    7. When your S.O. says that you can choose the pizza toppings AND what to watch on Netflix.

    8. When you drunkenly become BFFs with someone.

    9. When your boss tries to crack a joke during a morning meeting.

    10. When someone says they love One Direction more than you.

    11. When you see your ex at a party and they tell you they're gay.

    12. When your best friend asks you to check something weird "down there."

    13. When you're stuck behind a bus on a one-lane street.

    14. When your aunt calls and asks about your ex.

    15. When you go on Tinder.

    16. When someone says, "Don't worry, you'll find someone someday."

    17. When the TSA doesn't randomly select you for the PreCheck line.

    18. When people tell you you're too old to be reading YA novels.

    19. When you wear sweatpants and no makeup and get hit on.

    20. When five different Sephora workers ask if you need help.

    21. When you win a game of Cards Against Humanity.

    22. When you find out you're too heavy to go skydiving.

    23. When someone says that Ringo was the most talented Beatle.

    24. And when your mom calls.