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Oh My God Katy Perry Has 90 Million Twitter Followers

Holy guacamole, that's a lot of followers.

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Katy Perry is one of the most famous singers out there. She also has a makeup line, perfume line, and is generally pretty flawless as a human being.

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And now, Katy has broken the record for most Twitter followers at a cool 90 million. In celebration, the official Twitter for, err, Twitter posted this:

It's party time, @katyperry! With 90 million on the guest list, we're gonna need a really big dance floor. ❤️

To be more specific, she's now at 90.1 million followers.

Katy is obviously very excited:

I mean who wouldn't be? That's a lot of fans, yo.
Twitter: @katyperry

I mean who wouldn't be? That's a lot of fans, yo.

In comparison, Justin Bieber has 83.9 million followers...

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Taylor Swift has 79 million...

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

And President Barack Obama (as @BarackObama and not @POTUS), has 75.8 million.

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Rihanna and Lady Gaga have 62.2 and 60.9 million respectively, while Twitter itself has 55.5 million followers.

Congrats, Katy/Queen of Twitter!

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