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Just Try And Get This Fake Taylor Swift Song Out Of Your Head

Billy Eichner should write all of Tay's songs. FOREVER.

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Comedian Billy Eichner appeared on Conan last night, where he performed a song he wrote for Taylor Swift.

Unfortunately, Taylor has yet to record the tune even though "Glitter and Ribs" is GENIUS.

Billy starts off by setting the scene:


You have piqued our interest.

And then transitions into a memorable chorus that you can't get out of your head:


Step 2a: Mention glitter somewhere.


Thankfully, he doesn't forget about a crowd-pleasing bridge:


You can already hear the millions of tweenagers chanting along.

And he finally KILLS it with the stellar ending.

Watch the full video here, and try to get the words, "Heart like like like a horse" out of the your head:

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