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Apr 30, 2017

Here Is A Perfect Picture Of Beyoncé Because You Deserve It

You're welcome.

Hi there. Having a tough day? Tough week? Tough year? Yeah, life can suck. But I'm here to help you in the smallest of ways.

Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

You might be wondering how I can do that. Well, folks, I have the healing power of Beyoncé on my side.

Right now, I am going to show you a gorgeous photo of Beyoncé, our Patron Saint of Flawlessness, looking amazing at the 2017 Wearable Art Gala. It's not going to solve all your problems, but it will try.

Are you ready? 'Cause here it is.

That's literally it. You've been blessed. Go on about your day.

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Do you feel better?
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