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    "Joik" Is The Beautiful And Haunting Folk Music You Need In Your Life

    Yes, that is your spine tingling.

    Joik (aka yoik and jojk), is a cultural tradition from the Sámi people.

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    The Sámi joik to honor someone or something in their lives. It's not what you would traditionally call a "song" but instead is an expression of the essence of something. You can joik the wind, a friend, your family and more.

    The Sámi live in the Northernmost sections of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.


    For centuries, Joiking was outlawed when Nordic countries attempted to Christianize the Sámi. Today, however, the Sámi have regained many of their rights.


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    This is called "Daniel's Joik" and it was written and performed by Jon Henrik Fjellgren, a contestant on Talang Sverige aka Sweden's Got Talent. Jon Henrik said the joik came to him as he was mourning his best friend who passed away. Jon Henrik went on to win the competition.

    One of the most incredible things about joik is the fact that there is no one way to do it — it's an expression of the spirit.

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    This sister group is called Angelin Tytöt (now known as Angelit) and they come from the north of Finland.

    There's even a Sámi Grand Prix where people can enter their joik into competition.

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    Marit Kristine H. Sara performed "Mahte Ante" and won the competition in 2012.

    How could anyone want to outlaw this?

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    You don't need to understand a single word in order to connect with a joik.


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