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    If You Love To Spend Money But Are Broke AF, This Is For You

    Diamond tastes on garbage wages.

    1. You know how to spend money.


    2. Shopping? Fuck yes.


    3. And when your friends wanna go out, you're ready to go.


    4. But then you realize something...

    5. ... You're broke AF.


    6. So you figure out how to still get your shopping fix.

    7. When your car's gas light goes on, you stretch that 1/4 tank for as long as you can.


    8. And you eat all the free food you can get.


    9. When you finally got that coin, you act like you've never been broke before.

    Bravo / Via

    10. But then you always act surprised when all of a sudden, your money is gone.


    11. Sometimes you gotta ask people for money.

    12. So you sit down to try and remember how you spent your money this month.


    13. And come up with a plan to do better next month.

    20th Century Fox / Via

    14. But you can't get rid of extra things in your life.

    15. You work hard to maintain your lifestyle.

    Bravo / Via

    16. 'Cause you're a big spender...

    17. ...with no money to spend.

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