16 Reasons Why It's Totally OK To Elope

    Fun fact: It takes two to tango and not 202.

    Real talk: Who doesn't love a good wedding?

    It's an awesome way to celebrate you and your S.O. promising that you won't get bored of the other for a while.

    But you know what? Sometimes weddings are just...too much.

    So even though people might not understand, it's totally OK to elope.

    Here's why.

    1. Weddings can be expensive as fuck.

    2. Since you don't have to pay for a wedding, maybe now you can have a destination wedding.


    Always wanted to get married on the beach? In the mountains? In PARIS? Well, it will now probably be easier to afford your dream ceremony in a beautiful place if you don't have to pay for dozens upon dozens upon dozens of people, flowers, food, and more.

    3. You'll get to save about a year's worth of sanity.

    4. You won't have to worry about choosing bridesmaids — or a guest list at all.

    5. But you can still have family at your elopement.

    6. Even though it's totally chill if you don't want to invite ANYONE.

    7. You get to wear whatever you want.

    8. And you don't need to have a traditional wedding to rock classic bridal gear.

    9. No one will turn into a monster.

    10. Don't think you're gonna miss out on having photos.

    11. The wedding industry was pretty much created to ruin lives.

    12. It'll be very hard for something to go wrong.

    13. You can do whatever you want with your vows.

    14. Plus, you can still totally have a big reception later on.

    15. You actually get to spend the day together.

    16. And isn't that all that you want? Your best friend by your side?

    Happy marriage, folks!