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    21 Things You Know If You're Obsessed With Babies But Don't Have One

    Babies. I want them.

    1. You have all your future children's names picked out.

    2. You have an Olympic gold medal in waving at babies.

    3. Your baby talk game is A+.

    4. You have a sixth sense for whenever a baby enters the room.

    5. You follow about 1,000 baby accounts on Instagram.

    6. This is because you lose your shit over well-dressed children.

    7. Twins? Forget it. Your heart doesn't stand a chance.

    8. You're convinced that every child loves you.

    9. Your heart cannot handle a baby in a costume.

    10. You beg to hold other people's babies.

    11. But when the baby starts to cry and their parent takes them away to calm them down, you get offended.

    12. When you see a baby that kiiiiiind of looks like you, you think, OMG that baby could totally be my baby!

    13. You're always down to babysit.

    14. You were born to be a godparent.

    15. Every time you see baby clothes, you die inside.

    16. Sometimes you'll browse for baby clothes and people will ask, "Aww, how old is yours?"

    17. You'll find yourself saying weird things that totally sound like compliments in your head.

    18. There's a good chance you've tried a face-morphing generator to see what your future child will look like.

    19. You actually love seeing people's baby photos on Facebook.

    20. You ~may~ have started a Pinterest board for nursery ideas.

    21. Finally, when people say it's weird that you're so obsessed with babies, you're like, "Bye."